Company Profile

HED WOODWORKS & SERVICES, an entity duly organized and registered with the Department of Trade and Industry and operates in conformity with the existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines. HED WOODWORKS & SERVICES was conceptualized on August 1984, in the City of Baguio, and from thereon operated as SASH and FURNITURE factory.

In the beginning of the twenty First Century, we expanded and focused our sight in greater Metro Manila market and established our first branch office in Taytay, Rizal. Eventually, due to increase demand and the scarcity of raw materials, the company needed to transfer into a whole new location for a more strategic and effective operations leading HED WOODWORKS & SERVICES in the City of Malabon.

With the emersion and effect of globalization in the Country, HED WOODWORKS & SERVICES grew on to specialize further in Woods, advancing its operations and services to a whole new level. HED WOODWORKS & SERVICES started expanding its product and services by outsourcing its materials all over the world, partnering with global companies and importing Innovated Wooden Materials, producing a more diverse services doing FIT-OUT contracts and manufacturing special designed SASH products.

The operations of HED WOODWORKS & SERVICES specializes in several projects such as:

  • Supply, Delivery and Installation of ARCHITECTURAL FINISHING:
  • Special Ceiling Features on HPL or Veneer Finish;
  • Special Wall Cladding Features on HPL or Veneer Finish;
  • Supply, Delivery and Installation of HDF LAMINATED WOOD FLOORING;
  • Supply, Delivery and Installation of ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING;
  • Supply, Delivery and Installation of PARTITIONS, CLOSETS, KITCHEN CABINETS and COUNTERTOPS